Top ten tips to start a career as Web Developer

1. No   Qualification    Needed

Forget degree, master or any other higher qualification, you don't necessarily need it passion is what you need!

2. Self-Taught

Learn by yourself watch tutorials online on platforms such as pluralsight   and   Udemy

3.  Build  a   Portfolio   site

Create a basic website, add all your repertories on GitHub so recruiter/Company can see what you are able to do.

4.   LinkedIn

Nowadays LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms to find a tech job.  So open a Linkedin account add your qualification if any, and top skills, recruiter/company tend to use it a lot nowadays and often they contact directly a potential candidate for their opening vacancies.

5. Do an Apprenticeship

Find an apprentice Web Developer Job vacancy and do not hesitate to apply.  it is  hard  to  get  into  but  if you manage  to get through you   will   definitely   launch   your   career   into   the web develompment industry.

6. Never    Stop    Learning

continuously update your skills as information technology/programming changes tremendously a lot.

7.   Ask  for    Help

Ask always questions on how others Junior Web dev got their first job,  check online community/group  Don't be too proud of yourself and ask for help.

8. Don't   Give    Up

it  may   be    very  frustrating after   you have been  applying  for   Junior    Web   Developer   roles   but   still, you haven't  got  a   job,   you  may  have    failed    in   3   or   4    interviews   but   don't   give    up   work   more    on your skills   and    learn    from   the    failed interview.

9. Set   a   Goal

the skills you want to learn whether is front-end or back-end development. don't try    to    learn   everything at once,   focus   on   front-end    first    then   learn    back -end    or   vice  versa.   

10. Networking

go often to seminary/meetup in your city you will meet people with the same interest.  find   out   on


Updated   on    4   August   2019