5 Desk-Accessories for a Web Developer

nowadays web developers must have some accessory with them to make life a bit easier and feeling comfortable, beside a monitor and keyboard   below  are my favorite accessories I tend to have on my desk:

1. Wireless charger 

charger as a developer you tend to use quite a lot your mobile phones either for doing mobile testing or because you often check your social media account. I would then recommend this powerful wireless charger, so no more cable needed.

2.Phone holder 

is nice to have a mobile holder so you can see any new notifications and is more confrontable when doing mobile testing I quite like to have this one on my desk.

3.Stress ball 

how many times you get stacked on some bugs and you want to smash your keyboard, monitors or whatever?  I would recommend having a stress ball on your desk so you will avoid swearing and/or smash anything!

4. Headphone

web developer spends most of their time in the office with the headphone. A must-have accessory for developers because Keeps them concentrate on what they are building and disconnect themselves with the rest of the office. I made my playlist on soundsgood and  listen to it with TaoTronics Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

5. USB Cable Charger

another must-have accessory for your desk. As a developer, you tend to do mobile, iPad testing and it is a necessity to have a cable charger just for you. I use this 2 for 1 cable charger so I can use it in both android and Apple devices.