5 passive income ideas for a Web Developer

There are many ways to make money online nowadays whether you're a front-end or back-end developer.

1. Make Tutorials Video

create tutorials and publish them on YouTube and make money from when you get 1000 views per video through ads. This is a fully passive income no maintenance needed; however, it takes times and effort to make a good series of tutorials videos. Alternatively, publish your tutorials on sites such as   udemy.com

2. Make Front-end Template

Build a template using Html5 Css3 and JavaScript and sell them on   themeforest.

3. Start Blogging

Create a blog, create a unique template or buy one on templatemonster,     be specific to one niche in this case focus on a programming language that you know quite well, start writing quality articles and share them everywhere. Once you get 100 unique visitors per day, you'll start making money with Google AdSense and Amazon affiliate marketing

4. Build websites

Create a fully functional website from scratch, buy a domain name build it with a content management system like WordPress or if you want to build something more unique, large scale and secure with Umbraco, add content get decent traffic and sell it on   flippa


build an e-commerce website and sell a few products related to your web development niche, find your specific niche, create a domain/brand name with your own logo. Buy product on  Alibaba    (you'll find the biggest Chinese manufacturers) customize them with your logo, list them on your e-commerce site and on Amazon FBA.