5 SEO tips to improve  Google search results

5 SEO tips to improve  Google search results

How I massively improved my website ranking using these five tips:


register your site with google and bing webmaster tool and submit your sitemap.xml

       Why? Google and Bing will index your site and all the pages quicker.

      How? you have to create/generate a sitemap.xml of your site

      Example:   https://theworldwidecode.com/sitemap.xml


Move your site to from HTTP to HTTPS

since June 2018 Google announced that will push down in the list website not secure (without the HTTPS)

 how can I move my website to HTTPS?

you have to buy the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or for free using Cloudflare.


Always add alt tag in  the  image tag  <img src="/your/image" alt="image description">

example: you create a blog post and you have an intro image, then I highly recommend to give the same name as your blog post title.

 my blog post is  5 tips to improve Google search results I will give the same name into the image. that image will then be indexed into Google and Bing images which they will link into your website.


Use meta title and description in all the pages you have content and make sure you add the title (example: 5 tips to improve Google search results) into meta description too.


Speed -  do not host your site in those cheap hosting providers but try to switch to a worldwide hosting provider such as Amazon web services, Microsoft cloud azure and google hosting- meaning user from pretty much any location will have a decent loading time.

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