Cryptocurrency Should I invest ?

Cryptocurrency Should I Invest?

Back in 2010, a bitcoin was grown 900% from 0.0008$ to 0.008$ five days later after someone in the USA bought few pizzas for 10.000 bitcoin. crazy no?

In 2017 was the year where bitcoin reached the highest value ever circa 20.000$ per bitcoin, means if you had invested 100$ bitcoin in 2010 at 0.008$ and sold them in 2017 you had made circa $1.6milion,

2018 has been a year of disappointment for cryptocurrency mining as the bitcoin price oscillate between 3000 to

5000$. however, besides bitcoin, there are now tons of other cryptocurrencies 100 plus and I reckon if you would like to invest I suggest to  focus  within the top 10

such as:





note, these four cryptocurrencies listed above I reckon are the best within the top 10 to invest by a fact that there are real people/programmers/developers behind it doing an incredible job with a clear objective to make these a better product.


to track the value of cryptocurrencies the best site is  Coinmarketcap