Vue.js Vs React

Vue.js and React are both open source JavaScript libraries that are used for building user interfaces. They can both be used for handling the view layer for web and mobile software as well as to create usable UI.
If you’re a developer, which software should you use? To help you decide, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both these software programs.


Despite being a relatively new player in the developer market, the Vue.js, an open sourced javascript system is slowing becoming one of the most popular choices among developers, having been downloaded literally more than 3 million times as of this writing. The companies that use Vue are Euronews, Trustpilot, Vice, and Behance to name a few.
Here are some of the pros and cons of this software.


1. Extensive Documentation
When you download Vue.js, it comes with detailed instruction and documentation. For a first time developer, or for somebody who knows little about JavaScript or HTML, this feature can be a godsend. This documentation allows newbies an easier time writing their first application.

2. Vue.js is very intuitive and easy to understand. Because of this intuitive framework, vue.js can easily be added to web projects, as well as develop large scale templates. If in any case there is a problem, errors blocks can easily be traced.



1.   Growing Pains
While Vue is slowly becoming popular, it’s still a relatively new software, and because of this it still doesn’t have the same support or the level of popularity like React or Angular. Also, since it's been created by a Chinese-American, some of the bug code solved may be written in Chinese. 
2. since it’s constantly evolving at a very fast rate, a lot of the tutorials that you'll find can be already outdated. And if you do run into an issue that can’t be fixed by the documentation that comes with it, it might take you longer to find a solution


React like Vue, is a Javascript library for constructing interactive user interfaces. This software is mainly supported by Facebook together with a group of individual developers and companies. Popular websites that use React are Netflix, Paypal, Airbnb and Discus among a long list.


A DOM or a document object model is a logical structure of documents that are written in XML, XHTML or HTML format. In a nutshell, it basically defines the structure of the documents as well as the way these documents are retrieved and edited.
React uses a Virtual DOM so that the updates are faster. It even updates the smallest changes that are created by the programmer in such a way that it doesn't affect the other parts of the interface.


1. React developer must have a good level of javascript.


Vue or React, Which One Should You Choose?

Vue and React are both excellent programs to build user interfaces that are interactive. Choosing which one to use on your next or first project depends on a number of factors such as the time frame, your business needs, the developer skill as well as your budget.
Vue is free, easy to learn, compact and generally very intuitive. Because of this, it's easy to integrate it into your existing projects. Vue can be a good choice for startups or people who are starting on their first project.
React, on the other hand, is already an expert in the JavaScript business. It has a large community, corporate support, and a big community. So with this, React can be a good choice if you are already a veteran in the field and are building large enterprise size applications.