What is the difference between frontend and backend developer

When talking about frontend and backend development, we are talking about programming which involves
the creation of software with a user interface and some functionality. These are terms used mostly when
dealing with web development. Frontend development involves the creation of the user interface which
allows interaction of a user with the system graphically while backend development involves the creation of
the system process which allows interaction of the web system with underlying data that is not visible to the
Web development is the process of creating content, called websites, for the internet and a web developer is
one who specializes in this development. There are three kinds of web developers, frontend, backend, and
full stack developers. Full stack developer does both frontend and backend development.

Frontend Development

When you land on a certain website, the first thing you see is some graphics like a button, a slider or a menu
bar. This is what comprises the frontend. In definition, it is the part of a website that interacts with the client
and is sometimes known as client-side. The client, in this case, is the browser viewing the page.
As most people would say, first impression matters, most frontend developers are working around the clock
to create the most astonishing user interfaces since a website with a good operation can be boring due to a
poorly designed user interface.
With frontend development comes tools which help the web developer come up with a visually appealing
and user-friendly design. These tools include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


This is the standard markup language for the creation of web pages. HTML which stands for HyperText
Markup Language is made up of tag labels like heading and div that represent elements which are the
building blocks of an HTML page. This is the very basic language that every web developer should learn.

2. CSS

CSS, Cascading Style Sheets, is a style sheet language used to describe how web pages can be presented. As
the name suggests, it is used to provide style to an HTML document. This is what will make a button,
heading or image have different colors or shapes.
Sass, Syntactically awesome style sheets, is a preprocessor scripting language that gets interpreted or
compiled to CSS.
Less, Leaner Style Sheets, is a dynamic preprocessor style sheet language that can be compiled to CSS.

3. JavaScript

Invented by Brendan Eich in 1995, JavaScript whose official name is ECMAScript is the main programming
language of the web. It is used to give a command to the browser to perform a certain action like change the
background color when a button is clicked.
With the advancement in technology and ease of system development, JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js
have been developed.

Backend Development

When a user fills a registration form and clicks the submit button, there are some system operations which
ensure the data collected has been stored in a database or email sent with the filled information to some
destination. These operations which the user cannot see or interact with comprises the backend which is also
called the server-side. Backend developers will write code that makes sure everything works fine with the
frontend. With certain tools like C#, Java, .NET, and PHP for its development, the backend is regarded as
the brain of a web application.

1. C # and .NET

When creating applications that run on the Microsoft .NET framework, C# is the best language. C# is typesafe
and elegant. Some content management systems, CMS, like Umbraco have been developed using C#.
CMS is a system used to create and manage digital content. Some more CMS include WordPress and

2. Java

This is a powerful language originally developed by sun microsystems but later acquired by Oracle.

3. PHP

This is one popular server scripting language used to make powerful, dynamic and interactive web pages.
Websites like Facebook use PHP for the most part of its backend operations.


Backend and frontend both contribute to how a website works and should not be taken lightly when in
development. Development of user-friendly and appealing interfaces will lead to more users accessing your
web application while the development of a good backend will ensure good maintenance of the system in the
future, smooth flow of operations and to some extent security from hackers. want to know more about front end development?   read more   here